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Part No.: DSP120-SM
Plain White, Zipper Front, Small, 25/Case
Mfg No.: DSP120-SM

DanGuard™ Coveralls, Lab Coats, Shirts, Pants & Accessories
DanGaurd™ is a general-purpose protective material that can be used in non-hazardous application and environments. The Danguard™ fabric is manufactured with FS technology, which is comprised of a microporous film and polypropylene. The benefits of FS technology are that it allows moisture to dissipate while offering durability that does not compromise comfort. DanGuard™ offers comfort, durability and superior splash protection as a cost effective alternative fabric for non-hazardous environments.

Great for Applications Such As:
Asbestos Abatement
Light Chemical
Paint / Paint Spraying
Pesticide Spraying
Fiberglass/ Boat Manufacturing

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