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Part No.: MSA10093353
Workman Web PFL, 12', 36C steel snaphook, includes 1" steel carabiner, ANSI Z359.14
Mfg No.: 10093353

With its solid design and fast-acting brake mechanism, you can be confident that the Workman Personal Fall Limiter(PFL) will be there for you when you need it most.

Durable, engineered thermoplastic housing decreases weight.
Rugged, impact-absorbing protective bumpers for added durability.
Lifeline choice of cable or web to meet your needs.
A 400 lb. working capacity eliminates the need to custom order a product for a worker exceeding 310 lbs.
ATO ordering flexibility allows you to order the exact options you want, and only the options you want.
Unit does not require annual factory recertification. The high-quality, engineered design reduces the cost of ownership and eliminates downtime.
Integral load indicator alerts the user that the unit has been involved in a fall and that the PFL must be removed from service.
PFL and lifeline connector options enable unit to be used in a variety of applications. Users can choose the type of connector they are most comfortable with and that best suits their application.
Integral swivel on PFL connector.
Meets ANSI A10.32, all applicable OSHA standards, and is CSA certified. Units with 36C style snaphooks meet ANSI Z359.1.
A variety of price options allows the PFL to be used in virtually any market.

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