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Part No.: ALFB-101
Metagards Metatarsal Foot Guards, for Lace-up Shoes
Mfg No.: ALFB-101

Enhance foot protection with Metagards Metatarsal Foot Guards. Made of 20-gauge stainless steel and lined with a 3/8Ē high-density closed-cell pad.

Flared top and bottom deflect falling objects, distributing the shock of impact throughout the pad.
Metagards do not interfere with flexing of the ankle, so they are comfortable enough to wear all day.
Reusable and easy to attach.
Fit Menís size 6 - 13 steel toe work shoes, high- and low-topped.
Model ALFB-101 is for shoes with laces.
Model ALFB-107 is for shoes and foundry boots without laces, or for quick on and off.
Meets impact standard ASTM F2413-05/M/MT75.

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