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Part No.: 820028
BestŪ Showa AtlasŪ KV300 Golves, Small
Mfg No.: KV300M

Natural Rubber Palm Coating
10-Gauge Seamless Cut-Resistant Liner Made with DuPont™ KevlarŪ
Wrinkle Finish

This cut-resistant glove provides excellent resistance to cuts while the durable natural latex coating provides high- flexibility and durability. This high performing glove is excellent where there is a risk of cut, abrasion and puncture injury. The coated portion of the glove provides exceptional puncture resistance. The knuckles are uncoated to provide more flexibility and cool comfortable wearing. If you are faced with hazardous and dirty conditions, this glove will protect and provide the grip and durability to get the job done. Launder at 40C (104F) using a neutral detergent. Do not bleach.

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