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Part No.: 3M38404F
4" Reflective Band for 28" Slimline Cones, Lower
Mfg No.: 3M38404F

DescriptionRecommended Application Procedures
3M™ High Intensity Cone Sheeting Series 3840 is a plasticizer resistant, encapsulated lens reflective sheeting with pressure sensitive adhesive. Series 3840 cone sheeting is specifically designed for reflectorizing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) traffic cones. It is not recommended to use on polyethylene or rubber cones. Vinyl cones properly reflectorized with series 3840 sheeting cone sleeves comply with MUTCD requirements for highway
and utility use.
Series 3840 cone sheeting is intended for application to reboundable PVC cones. Applications should be made at temperatures above 60°F (16 ?C). The surfaces of plasticized vinyl cones sometimes contain oily contaminants that may reduce adhesion. A solvent wipe with a 50-50 blend of isopropyl alcohol and water can be used to clean the cone before application. Process Colors
Screen processing Series 3840 is not recommended.
Cleaning and MaintenanceHealth and Safety Information
It is recommended that reflectorized cones be cleaned periodically with a 50-50 isopropyl alcohol-water blend to remove accumulated road grime and any surface contamination that may have occurred as a result of cone stacking. General Performance Considerations The durability of Series 3840 cone sheeting will depend upon compliance with recommended application procedures, geographic area, exposure conditions, and maintenance. Maximum durability of this sheeting is obtained when it is applied to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) traffic cones following manufacturer’s recommendations. Purchaser should select a suitable test for determining reflective sheeting durability on reboundable plastic substrates. Test should include plastic manufacturer’s recommendation for impacting reboundable palstic traffic control devices. Read all Health Hazard Precautionary, and First Aid statements found in the Material Safety Data Sheet, and/or product label of chemicals prior to handling or use.

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